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50 New Horror Escape Games – is a combo pack of 2 Horror game series of 50 episode games developed by Ena Game Studio. ENIGMA TREE is the first game with 25 episodes of complete horror. The story of the game is about a mythical tree and a grandson rescuing his grandson from it. CREEPY PUMPKINS is the second game with another 25 episodes of moving you into the magical world, letting you scary. This game is about how to get escape from a magical world. Both these games will make you scare for sure. These magical games will make you the real feel as if you are inside the magical world and trying to escape from it. These 'Point And Click Type New Escape Games' are developed and released by Hidden Fun Games(HFG). 


Especially for Escape Game Lovers.

Polished animation & Realistic graphics.

Addictive Game play(20 hours).

Thrilling twists of engaging stories.

Attractive picturesque locations.

Are you ready now to enjoy these Horror sequence escape

Published Jun 20, 2017


halloween.apk 36 MB
50 New Horror games.apk 96 MB

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